How Swingers Takeovers Can Enhance Relationships and Personal Growth

How Swingers Takeovers Can Enhance Relationships and Personal Growth

How often do you get to do your job poolside? For us, the answer is once or twice a year!

In a boutique Miami hotel, hidden from potentially prying eyes, #Open joined Libertine Events for yet another sizzling swingers takeover last October. This was my second time at a Libertine takeover with #Open, which made the trip even more exciting. There was a sense of familiarity, almost like we were all reuniting with old friends, and then the usual nerves.


  • #Open attended Libertine Events’ Miami hotel takeover in October.
  • Swingers takeovers bring like-minded non-monogamous couples together.
  • Despite stigmas, there are a lot of benefits to practicing non-monogamy.

“While there are sex clubs and play parties in my city, swingers takeovers are a different beast entirely. They’re an experience.”

A Polyamorous Guide To The Swinger Lifestyle

Full disclosure: I’m not a swinger. I’m 31 years old, bisexual, and polyamorous. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, which has many thriving sex-positive communities. And while there are sex clubs and play parties in my city, swingers takeovers are a different beast entirely. They’re an experience.

A swingers takeover is when a hotel is exclusively reserved for a lifestyle group. It’s a chance to step away from day-to-day life and really be immersed in a sex-positive environment. There are parties and mingles geared towards a swinger/lifestyle crowd although takeovers are typically open to non-monogamous folks of all types. And there are intimacy workshops, panels, and demonstrations, making it a very good environment for beginners. In short, it’s a 72-hour adult playground.

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Finding sex-positive communities is noticeably easier nowadays––thanks, in part, to the internet. But non-monogamy is also growing in popularity so we’re seeing a lot more of it. According to a 2020 YouGov poll, 32% of United States adults say their ideal relationship is non-monogamous to some degree. And young adults in particular are flocking to non-monogamy––57% of millennials and 54% of Gen Z claimed their ideal relationship had some degree of non-monogamy. 

Swinging encourages people to tackle their fears and insecurities and become more sexually communicative. Many swinger couples report that non-monogamy has enhanced their overall connection and made them better partners. Personally, I embraced polyamory 5 years ago, in part, because I saw similar benefits enjoyed by polyamorous couples around me. And in general, non-monogamous people view it as a platform for enormous personal growth, satisfaction, and forming a healthier sexual self-esteem.

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Despite this, stigma against non-monogamy remains the default, which makes traveling for a swingers takeover really appealing (if you can afford it). Libertine provided 24/7 security at the entrances and additional security during pool parties, each of whom received special training for the event. And all guests wore special bracelets to identify themselves (which were a cute keepsake after the trip). Around the perimeter of the pool area, tall blackout screens were erected to ensure that outsiders couldn’t see any nudity. And since every morning started with a clothing-optional pool party, and every evening ended with somebody skinny-dipping, those screens were a vital part of the event’s security.

#Open is proud to be an event sponsor for Libertine Events

As a non-monogamous dating app, #Open supports Libertine in their mission to carve out a safer haven for all things LGBTQIA+, body positivity, and sex positivity. Last October in Miami, we sponsored the nightly entertainment as well as one of the parties––which was cheekily named Eyes Wide #Open. The trip was also a fun way to get feedback from the non-monogamous community on some of the new features #Open is planning to roll out in-app soon. Our team left feeling thrilled about the new ways our users will be able to connect in the future.

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Between product testing, workshops, demonstrations, parties, and the luxury penthouse playroom, our team’s weekend at Libertine flew by. I was sad to say my farewells but luckily, #Open will be back for the next Libertine takeover in May––Miami Vices––along with hosts WeGottaThing Podcast, Casual Swinger Podcast, and Hump Day Quickies Podcast.

And if this sounds like an adventure you’d like to have, head to the Libertine Events website before tickets for next year are officially sold out.

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