11 Sex Positive Shops To Support During Social Distancing

11 Sex Positive Shops To Support During Social Distancing

Here at #open, we’ve been very fortunate to partner with some amazing sex shops and sex positive stores throughout the United States and Canada. We’ve worked with them in person, visited their brick and mortar locations (and we might have done a li’l shopping while we were at it), and collaborated to host special events just for our community. Most importantly, we strongly believe in their missions to create a welcoming, sex positive space for all of their community members to learn, explore, and grow.

During this time of social distancing & brick-and-mortar store closures, many of these community resources have had to either take a break or shift their business model in order to keep us all as safe as possible. We know how hard it is to keep a business going when things get tough, so we wanted to tell you all how our friends are helping customers and visitors stay connected even during social distancing. Please consider doing a little shopping with them, or signing up for their online classes, and showing them a little support.

Sex Shops and Sex Positive Stores, our picks

(PS: even if you don’t have any goodies on your “to buy” list right now, purchasing a gift certificate for yourself — or a friend — helps them cover payroll and other expenses, and ensures that they’ll be here to boost your pleasure for years to come!)

Casual Toys — The passion project behind the Casual Swinger Podcast, our friends Mickey and Mallory have created a sex positive, sex shop for all your lifestyle and fun needs. Use this link to get 15% off your order and make sure you tell them we sent you.

Babeland / Good Vibrations — Both Babeland.com and Goodvibes.com are totally up and running, while brick & mortar stores are closed. Their stores were already supporting their local food banks, but now they’ve linked to their sites on their COVID page for customers looking to now donate directly.

Early To Bed — Still going strong online (and also paying their staff for their time off!), and have super fast USPS shipping. Visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

Forbidden Fruit — shipping & some curb-side pickup, keep your eyes peeled for more on their websiteTwitter and Instagram

Pleasure Chest — Still open for online shopping, with a curated product list — visit them at www.thepleasurechest.com or check out their Twitter & Instagram!

Self Serve Toys — Closed to both online orders and in person shopping at this time, but they have an amazing online class schedule (including some that are on-demand!). You can peep their Instagram and Twitter accounts, too!

Shag — Still open for shipping and they’re offering a great free shipping promo for orders over $30! Visit their sexy website, or check out their Twitter & Instagram feeds.

SheBop — Online orders, and online classes — all classes are now virtual so anyone can go from anywhere in the world! Visit them at their website, their Instagram, and Twitter!

Sugar — Still open for shipping, and they’ve moved their amazing education series online! Educators from all over the country (including one of our favorite ambassadors, Dirty Lola!). You can check out their websiteTwitter, and Instagram feeds!

Tool Shed — Tool Shed is open for online orders for sure, but also there are some virtual events you can check out! Shop at their websiteTwitter, and Instagram!

VaVaVooom — shipping only right now; will be sending links to mindfulness classes when they have them! Check out their online shop, their Twitter, and Instagram.

Unsure what kind of sex shop to visit or what kind of sex toy to buy? Check out our Sex Toy 101 blog, check out our sex toy YouTube #openED class or listen to the Casual Swinger Podcast epsiode “Your favorite sex toy could be making you sick”

Want to add a sex shop or sex positive reasource to this list? Drop us a DM on social media and we’ll update it with all the goodies.

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