My Long Distance Bae And I Made Pervy Paintings Virtually #isoDating

My Long Distance Bae And I Made Pervy Paintings Virtually #isoDating

Need something fun to do with your online honey? Send them a Date-in-a-Box with everything they need to (virtually) join you for a sexy date night, DIY paint night, with a kinky twist!

Get those date night supplies ready

There’s something extra flirty and fun about setting up your date night with a little bit of planning and kink involved.

After all, this is a lot more creative than dinner and a movie. Planning and coming up with ideas can be irritating but I do love putting together some supplies and a sexy kinky task for us to try.

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date night - open relationships and non-monogamous dating app

#open team member, Maile, boxed up the paint brushes & paints, canvases and even some homemade tracing templates and mailed them off to her #CoronaCutie. Let’s hear more from Maile and Aidan* on how their long-distance paint party for 2 went down for their date night in isolation.

🎨Maile: “On Friday evening we hopped on a vid chat, set up our supplies, picked a design (I chose the ball gag, he chose the paddle) and got started. As we leisurely painted our canvases, traced our outlines and did our best to make Bob Ross proud; the paddle and ball/gag designs added a sexy twist to our conversation (‘I’ve never used a ball gag before, have you?’) and kept things flirty.

We laughed at our own questionable art skills and enjoyed the messy fun. After weeks of video chats, Netflix parties and texting, a craft night added some excellent variety to our weekly date routine. Plus, we now each have a quarantine keepsake to hang on the wall and remember these wild times.”

🖌Aidan: “It was great to discover a new way to feel like we’re in the same place. I also really enjoyed getting to know Maile’s artistic side!”

These are wild times for sure but we love seeing that our #open community is finding creative ways to stay connected and have a little fun, even while apart.

date night 3 - open relationships and non-monogamous dating app
Maile’s finished pervy painting

Have ideas for adding virtual variety to your date nights?  

Have you been on some outstanding and creative cyber dates? Isolating and finding ways to stay busy with your partner(s)? We wanna hear all about what our community is doing to show COVID that connection>proximity.

DM us your iso-Date Night ideas/pics for a chance to be featured in this new mini-blog series!

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