We Chatted With 4 Real #open Users About Dating And Non-Monogamy

We Chatted With 4 Real #open Users About Dating And Non-Monogamy

The faces of #open

The team at #open is constantly blown away by the array of diverse humans that are swiping, connecting, and dating in-app. We want to share more about our vibrant community, so we’re continuing our Faces of #open campaign. We’re excited to show and tell a little more about the #open-minded users in our dating community.

We took some time to chat with #open members Katie, Ursus, Triss and Arielle about kinks, the types of connections they’re seeking on #open, plus some fun facts you won’t find on their public profiles!


Meet Katie (she/her) | Username: femmekatie

Katie is a 31 year old lesbian femme, based in Brooklyn, NY. While swiping in-app, Katie is open to a range of possibilities from dating to finding kink buddies or connecting with people for casual commitment.

Katie says: “My sun and moon are both in libra, but it’s my Venus that’s in virgo,” and describes herself as ‘eternally optimistic’. When it comes to relationships, she tends to love in a very caring, methodical, and nurturing way that can be detail-oriented (anyone else swooning?) Katie is drug and alcohol free and also a vegan…bonus points for matching with others that are vegan too!

When it comes to sexuality and kink, Katie identifies as a sadist, femme mommy, nurturing top, and lover of brats. For those who follow flagging culture, she flags black, red, and maroon. Katie doesn’t shy away from medical or needle play so if that’s your kink, she might just be your perfectly perverted match. Find femmekatie in-app by searching for her username or for your shared kink hashtags!


Meet Ursus (he/him) | Username: UrsusAD

Introducing 31 year old, Philly based member, Ursus! Ursus identifies as pansexual & polyamorous, and uses he/him pronouns.

Ursus is a primal kinkster who enjoys the playful energy that kink and sex bring. He’s active in the Philly pet play community; in fact he’s one of the organizers of a monthly pup night and PHLthy Pups (open to ALL gender identities!). Ursus is also the VP of Bucks MC, a fraternal organization that gives back to GLBT+ charities each year.

In-app, Ursus is always open to negotiating what a “relationship” would be, whether it is just friends with benefits, or something more intimate. You can find him in-app by searching for his username (UrsusAD) or by searching for shared hashtags. You can also find Ursus on his self-described ‘KINKY TWITTER’ or for even more of him, check out his XTUBE PAGE!


Meet Triss! (they/them) | Username: tles2018

Triss is a 32 year old, New England-based member that identifies as pansexual, transgender and uses they/them pronouns.

In their free-time, Triss enjoys coffee, board games and discussing activism. They are also a huge fan of passing the Corona time by binging shows like POSE and LEGENDARY (seriously, add these to your watchlist!) with cat companions Frodo and Sam. If you connect with Triss, they might even tell you more about their past as a competitive ski racer!

While swiping, Triss is looking to connect with other queer folx for a range of connection types, especially poly/open relationships. Connect with Triss by searching for their username in-app (tles2018).


Meet Arielle (she/her) | Username: buffyfangirl94

Hello to our Brooklyn-based user, Arielle! Arielle is 25, identifies as heteroflexible and uses she/her pronouns.

Arielle is a busy millennial; she’s a featured writer, meme queen, and co-host of Oral History, a new podcast about seductresses from Cleopatra to Jessica Rabbit.

In terms of dating, Arielle is looking to connect with other open minded people in the NYC area. Find her in-app to match & chat, just search for her by username (buffyfangirl94).

The #open team got to hang out with Arielle during Masturbation May to chat about her favorite pleasure products and the steamy stories to go with them, check it out here if you missed it!

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A huge thank you to Katie, Ursus, Triss and Arielle for allowing us to highlight their incredible #open profiles. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the app, DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE and start swiping to find your perfect match(es) today!

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