Looking For Sober Date Ideas? My Partner And I Took A Yoga Class With Goats

Looking For Sober Date Ideas? My Partner And I Took A Yoga Class With Goats

Dating in NonMonogamy

Let’s face it, coming up with new and fresh date ideas when you’re dating multiple people can be exhausting. I’m always trying to keep things new and exciting for each of my partners and yes, sometimes I think outside the box. Read on to hear about my latest date idea!

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Getting Loose with Goat Yoga

If you’ve been looking for a way to get outside and also get in some seriously silly snuggles- goat yoga might just be your zen. I had a chance to try it out with my new boo, and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

New Date Ideas

Did I get your goat with that mention of a new boo? Yes — I have a new honey! We’re still in the fun NRE phase, and having someone with a similar sense of curiosity has been a delight for planning dates. Here’s the thing about NonMonogamous dates, you need new date ideas to keep things fresh.

When yoga came up as a possible date activity, and I was tasked with setting it up, I went for the quirkiest option I could find, and that happened to be goat yoga at Bradley Mountain Farm.

I texted Pip (his nickname, for privacy) to tell him I found the perfect yoga class and was thrilled when he laughed and agreed to try it out. Well, really, I sent him the WAP picture below, telling him we need a yoga class so I can work on my splits. It was at this moment we realized a serious yoga class was not for us.

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Bradley Mountain’s description of goat yoga says to come stretch, laugh, and cuddle with the herd, a seemingly good fit. So, I signed us up, we grabbed our yoga mats, and headed to the farm. They probably weren’t expecting their yoga sessions to be part of my desire for new date ideas but here we are…

Farm Fresh & Corona Compliant

As we arrived at the quaint little farm, we weren’t sure what to expect, though the email communications noted that we should prepare to get dirty.

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We were greeted by staff and given instructions on COVID procedures, including keeping masks on until properly social distanced from other participants and a quick hand wash before and after the session. We listened carefully to the goat nannies’ safety tips, and they warned that it’s typical for a goat to jump on participants’ backs during some yoga positions. This part of the safety speech seemed to make other participants quite concerned. I, however, became absolutely giddy with excitement. According to Pip, the strong “DO NOT PICK UP THE GOATS” warning that came next was specifically for me (he might be right). We agreed to the rules, and then we were ready to check out the herd!

Cat, Cow…Goat?

This was Pip’s first yoga class, and while I’m no yogi, I’ve been to my share of yoga sessions here and there. I absolutely LOVED that our instructor, Tiare, told the class to have fun, enjoy the goofy goat atmosphere, and not be afraid to laugh with your partners and classmates. This is the exact kind of vibe I love for a yoga session. Being given permission to be silly was freeing and put us at ease.

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Tiare starting the class with grounding and breath work

As we set up our mats and began with the light breathing and grounding work, the ~30 goats on the farm were let into the area. They began to roam, play, and interact as multiple goat nannies tended to them and helped out as we played and followed Tiare.

Petting and interacting with the goats mid-yoga-pose is highly encouraged, so we were sure to get all the cuddles while also getting a workout. SO MANY laughs were had as we went through the hour-long yoga flow, stopping to pet, love, and coo over each goat that came our way.

And not to brag, but we’re certain the goats were picking up on our happy-go-lucky NRE vibes — they were just so lovely and playful with us! Pip says the goats could ‘feel the calm that we brought,’ and that was his favorite part of the goat yoga experience.

Polyamorous Dating App
Polyamorous Dating App

Why Goat Yoga:

Overall, goat yoga was a 10/10, and I would highly recommend because:

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  • Supporting local- Bradley Mountain Farm is a small goat farm that sells a range of goat milk products, hosts goat therapy, and other fun events (check out the goat art!) where the public can learn more about local farming. Find a local farm near you that does similar programming and support them by signing up!
  • Flexible date option- this is a perfect activity whether you’re planning a 1:1 date, double date, group date, an outing for your triad, or even if you’re interested in hosting a private meetup event.
  • COVID safe- with the class being held outdoors, masks being required until everyone is socially distanced on their mats and handwashing enforced, this felt like a low-risk option for Corona times
  • Get to know the silly side- this was a great activity for sharing lots of laughs and getting down & dirty (in a PG way). We’re 6 months into these strange Corona-times, and making space for light-hearted fun is a must for mental health once in a while
  • Move your body- I’m finding I have a lot of extra energy to burn right now, and having opportunities to move my body has been a great way to help. Fitness instructors like Tiare are working hard to adjust to the new normals of instructing during COVID times. Check out the other incredible classes Tiare teaches, including Zoom sessions you can do from home while staying safe!
  • Set the Mood- goat yoga was the best start to a date night with my honey. We left our session on a happy high after laughing, stretching, and flirting in the fresh air. It set the vibe (and got us loosened up*wink wink*) for a fun and sexy night
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Check out Bradley Mountain Farms other activities like Goat Art!

Ready to try out new date ideas? Hop on #open and find your perfect match to take to a goat yoga session near you! Try searching in-app for some of our popular hashtags like #newexperiences; #adventures; #nature; #yoga, or #outdoors to find your very own G.O.A.T of a date!

This article was written by Maile for #open and first appeared on our Medium blog.

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